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(Choose two) A.    The discover packets are dropped if there is congestion on the link.B.    the initial path MTU is the same as the MTU of the original node's link layer interfaceC.    It can allow fragmentation when the minimum MTU is blow a configured valueD.    During the discover process the DF bit is set to 1E.    If the source host receiver an ICMPv6 packet too BIG message from a router it reduces its path MTUF.    IF the destination host receives and ICMPv6 packet too Big message from a router it reduces its path MTU Answer: BE QUESTION 47Which two effects of configuring the tunnel path-mtu-discovery command on a GRE tunnel interface are true? (Choose two) A.    The maximum path MTU across the GRE tunnel is set to 65534 bytes.B.    If a lower MTU link between the IPsec peers is detected , the GRE tunnel MTU are changed.C.    The router adjusts the MTU value it sends to the GRE tunnel interface in the TCP SYN packet.D.    It disables PMTUD discovery for tunnel interfaces.E.    The DF bit are copied to the GRE IP header.F.    The minimum path MTU across the GRE tunnel is set to 1476 bytes. Answer: BE QUESTION 48Which option describes the purpose of the RADIUS VAP-ID attribute? A.    It specifies the ACL ID to be matched against the clientB.    It specifies the WLAN ID of the wireless LAN to which the client belongsC.    It sets the minimum bandwidth for the connectionD.    It sets the maximum bandwidth for the connectionE.    It specifies the priority of the clientF.    It identifies the VLAN interface to which the client will be associated Answer: B QUESTION 49You are developing an application to manage the traffic flow of a switch using an OpenDaylight controller. Knowing you use a Northbound REST API ,which statement is true? A.    Different applications, even in different languages, cannot use the same functions in a REST API at same time.B.    The server retains client state recordsC.    We must teach our applications about the Southbound protocol(s) usedD.    The applications are considered to be the clients, and the controller is considered to be the server Answer: D QUESTION 50Which option describes the purpose of Fog architecture in loT? A.    To provide compute services at the network edgeB.    To provide intersensor traffic routingC.    To provide centralized compute resourcesD.    To provide highly available environmentally hardened network access Answer: A QUESTION 51What are feature that can stop man-in-the-middle attacks? (Choose two) A.    ARP sniffing on specific portsB.    ARP spoofingC.    Dynamic ARP inspectionD.    DHCP snoopingE.    destination MAC ACLs Answer: CD QUESTION 52Which two statements about CoPP are true? (Choose two) A.    When a deny rule in an access list is used for MQC is matched, classification continues on the next classB.    It allows all traffic to be rate limited and discardedC.    Access lists that are used with MQC policies for CoPP should omit the log and log-input keywordsD.    The mls qos command disables hardware acceleration so that CoPP handles all QoSE.    Access lists that use the log keyword can provide information about the device's CPU usageF.    The policy-map command defines the traffic class Answer: AC QUESTION 53Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?  A.    The WLC accepts self-signed certificates from the RADIUS server to authorize APs.B.    The WLC adds the MAC addresses listed in the ssc ap-policy to its internal authorization list.C.    The WLC adds the ssc access point to the auth-list internal authorization list.D.    The WLC accepts the manufacture-installed certificate from the local access point.E.    The WLC accepts self-signed certificates from devices added to itsa internal authorization list. Answer: D QUESTION 54Drag and Drop QuestionDrag each ip transmission and Fragmentation term on the left to the matching statement on right Answer:   QUESTION 55Which two network protocols can operate on the Application Layer?(Choose two) A.    DNSB.    UDPC.    TCPD.    NetBIOSE.    DCCPF.    SMB Answer: AF !!! 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