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New Question
How can a network administrator secure rest APIs?

A.    They can allow read and write privileges to all users
B.    They can ensure that user sessions are authenticated using TACACS+ only
C.    They can have a general administrator login for multiple users to access that has command entries logged
D.    They can authenticate user sessions and provide the appropriate privilege level

Answer: D

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is configuring customer edge routers to finalize a L2VPN over MPLS deployment.
Assume that the AToM L2VPN service that connects the two CEs is configured correctly on the service provider network.
Which action causes the solution to fail?

A.    A loopback with a /32 IP address has not been used
B.    OSPF does not work with L2VPN services
C.    The x connect statement has not been defined
D.    The routing protocol network types are not compatible

Answer: C

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration prevents the OSPF neighbor from establishing?

A.    mtu
B.    duplex
C.    network statement
D.    default-metric

Answer: A

New Question
After you analyze your network environment, you decide to implement a full separation model for Internet access and MPLS L3VPN services.
For which reason do you make this decision?

A.    It enables you to choose whether to separate or centralize each individual service.
B.    It is easier to manage a system in which services are mixed
C.    It requires only one edge router
D.    It enables EGP and IGP to operate independently

Answer: D

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is preparing to implement link aggregation configuration.
Which statement al about this configuration is true?

A.    The switch port actively sends packets to negotiate an EtherChannel using PAgP
B.    The switch port accepts LACP and PAgP packets from a connected peer and negotiate an EtherChannel using the common EtherChannel mode.
C.    The switch port passively negotiates an EtherChannel if it receives PAgP packets from a connected peer
D.    The switch port negotiates an EtherChannel if it receives LACP packets from a connected peer

Answer: A

New Question
Which two IS-IS parameters must match before two Level 2 peers can form an adjacency? (Choose two )

A.    authentication settings
B.    area ID
C.    system ID
D.    MTU
E.    hello timer setting

Answer: AD

New Question
Which three OSPF parameters must match before two devices can establish an OSPF adjacency? (Choose three.)

A.    IP address
B.    interface cost
C.    subnet mask
D.    process ID
E.    hello timer setting
F.    area number

Answer: CEF

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. What does this value mean when it is received in XML?

A.    It shows the ending of the script
B.    It indicates a break in a sequence
C.    It indicates a value assigned by a network administrator to tag a route
D.    It means a data fie4d is blank

Answer: D

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?

A.    it creates a pseudo wire class named Cisco
B.    It enables tagging for VLAN 12 on the interface
C.    It enables MPLS on the interface
D.    It enables AToM on interface gigabitethemet1/0

Answer: D

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