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Exam Code: 300-070
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 v1.0
Certification Provider: Cisco

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What are the two benefits of using SIP dial rules on an IP phone? (Choose two)

A.    The phone can initiate dialing without sending any signaling messages to Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager.
B.    The phone can detect invalid numbers and play a reorder tone without sending any signaling messages toCisco Unified Communications Manager.
C.    If dialed digits match an entry of a SIP dial rule, the dialed string is sent in a single SIP 200 OK message toCisco Unified Communications Manager.
D.    If Cisco Unified Communications Manager requires more digits, KPML can be used to send the remainingdigits from the SIP phone to Cisco Unified Communications Manager one-by-one.
E.    If Cisco Unified Communications Manager requires more digits, another en bloc message is used to sendthe remaining digits from the SIP.

Answer: BD

Which three Cisco Unified CallManager configuration steps are required to support third party SIP phones? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure the device in Cisco Unified CallManager.
B.    Change the proxy address in the SIP phone to an IP address or the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)of Cisco Unified CallManager.
C.    Associate the device with the end user.
D.    Configure the phone with the TLS username and password.
E.    Configure the end user in Cisco Unified CallManager.
F.    Add the MAC address of the Cisco Unified CallManager server to the SIP phone configuration page.

Answer: ACE

Which four software based media resources require that the Cisco IP voice media stream Application be activated?

A.    MOH.
B.    SIP.
C.    H.323 Gateways.
D.    Annunciator.
E.    Gatekeeper.
F.    MTP.
G.    Audio conferencing.

Answer: ADFG

Which protocol is recommended to be used between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the voice gateway to simplify the dial plan?

A.    SIP.
B.    SCCP.
C.    H323.
D.    RSVP.
E.    MGCP.

Answer: E

Which protocol can Cisco Unified Communications Manager not use to monitor the status of the gateway?

A.    H.323
B.    SIP
C.    MGCP
D.    SCCP

Answer: A

In a centralized call-processing solution, there are five sites connected through an IP WAN.
To optimize the utilization of the IP WAN, CAC needs to be implemented.
How should CAC be implemented?

A.    Use a gatekeeper to control allocated bandwidth properly.
B.    Use locations CAC with a single location.
C.    Use a gatekeeper and Cisco Unified Border Element to provide CAC to sites that use a combination of SIPand MGCP gateways.
D.    Use a gatekeeper to only control those locations that use H.323 gateways and a Cisco Unified BorderElement to control those sites that use MGCP or SIP gateways.
E.    Use locations CAC with five locations in addition to Hub none.

Answer: E

Which two features are advantages of deploying a cluster over WAN? (Choose two.)

A.    Shared line appearances
B.    CentralizedDSP resources
C.    Extension mobility within the cluster
D.    Scalability up to 20 sites, if thereis sufficient IP WAN bandwidth
E.    Failover to co-resident Cisco UnifiedCall Manager Express platforms

Answer: AC

The Ajax Corporation is designing an IP telephony network using Cisco MCS 7845 Series servers, each one capable of supporting 7500 devices. The design must meet these requirements:
– Be cost-effective
– Support up to 7500 phones
– Provide a minimal level of redundancy

A.    Two Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher and TFTP server combined.
1 primary subscriber.
B.    Three Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher and TFTP server combined.
1 primary subscriber.
1 backup subscriber.
C.    Four Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher.
1 TFTP server.
1 primary subscriber.
1 backup subscriber.
D.    Five Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers:
1 publisher.
1 TFTP server.
1 primary subscriber.
2 backup subscribers.

Answer: B

How are Cisco Unified CallManager location parameters used?

A.    Assign directory numbers to devices as they connect to the IP telephony network.
B.    Specify the bandwidth used for audio and video calls.
C.    Implement call admission control in a centralized call processing deployment.
D.    Provide alternate call routing when the primary call path is unavailable.

Answer: C

Which statement regarding Cisco IP voice media streaming application is correct?

A.    It should be activated on the gateway in cluster that supports the TFTP service.
B.    It should be activated on the gatekeeper in cluster that supports the TFTP service.
C.    It should be activated on the node in cluster that does not support the TFTP service.
D.    It should be activated on the node in cluster that supports the TFTP service.

Answer: D

Which option describes how you add software conference bridges to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    By adding a Cisco Unified CM server to the cluster.
B.    By adding a software conference bridge using Conference Bridge Configuration.
C.    By installing DSP to a Cisco Unified CM server.
D.    By reassigning other media resources to conference resources.

Answer: A

Which of these media resources can be configured in Cisco Unified Communication manager? (Choose Three)

A.    MOH Server
B.    Voice Termination Point DSP
C.    Transcoder
D.    Auto Attendant
E.    Conference Bridge

Answer: ACE

What is the relationship between a Region and a Location?

A.    The Region codec parameter is used between a Region and its configured Locations.
B.    The Region setting for a Location sets the number of audio and video calls that Location can support.
C.    The codec parameter configured in the Region is only used between Regions and Location bandwidth isonly used between Locations.
D.    The Region codec parameter is combined with Location bandwidth when communicating with otherRegions.

Answer: C

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