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Which configuration concept allows for high-availability on IM and Presence services in a UC environment?

A. IM and Presence subclusters (configured on Cisco UCM)
B. Presence Redundancy Groups (configured on Cisco Unified IM and Presence)
C. IM and Presence subclusters (configured on Cisco Unified IM and Presence)
D. Presence Redundancy Groups (configured on Cisco UCM)

Answer: D

An engineer must configure switch port 5/1 to send CDP packets to configure an attached Cisco IP phone to trust tagged traffic on it’s access port.
Which command is required to complete the configuration?

A. platform qos trust extend cos 3
B. platform qos trust extend
C. platform qos extend trust
D. platform qos trust extend cos 5

Answer: B

Which location must be assigned to the SIP trunk to replicate enhanced location information via a SIP trunk?

A. phantom
B. replica
C. hub_none
D. shadow

Answer: D

An administrator uses the Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool to investigate recent calls on a Cisco UCM cluster. The SIP trace for an on-net. direct-media call shows two 180 Ringing and two 11 BYE messages. Why are there multiples of each message type in the trace?

A. The source phone sends a 180 Ringing signal to the Cisco UCM, which sends a 180 Ringing signal to the destination phone. The same process applies to 11 BYE messages.
B. The source phone must signal to the destination phone that it is ringing, and the destination phone signals back with a 180 Ringing message. The same process applies to 11 BYE messages.
C. The calls have an MTP in the call path due to different codec support. The calls are subsequently split into two call legs.
D. The destination phone signals back to the Cisco UCM that it is ringing, and the Cisco UCM signals back to the source phone.

Answer: A

An engineer configures Cisco UCM to prevent toll fraud. At which two points does the engineer block the pattern in Cisco UCM to complete this task? (Choose two.)

A. partition
B. route partem
C. translation pattern
E. route group

Answer: AD

Which dial plan function restricts calls that are made by a lobby phone to internal extensions only?

A. manipulation of dialed destination
B. path selection
C. calling privileges
D. endpoint addressing

Answer: C

Which Cisco UCM configuration is required for SIP MWI integrations?

A. Enable “Accept presence subscription” on the SIP Trunk Security Profile.
B. Select “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Outbound” on the SIP trunk.
C. Enable “Accept unsolicited notification” on the SIP Trunk Security Profile.
D. Select “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Inbound” on the SIP trunk.

Answer: C

Which service on the Presence Server is responsible for maintaining the point-to-point chat connections between Jabber clients?

A. Cisco SIP Proxy
B. Cisco XCP Text Conference Manager
C. Cisco XCP Router
D. Cisco XCP XMPP Federation Manager

Answer: B

Which information is needed to restore the backup of a Cisco UCM publisher successfully?

A. the TFTP server details
B. the application credentials for Cisco UCM
C. the security password for Cisco UCM
D. the FTP server details

Answer: C

Which QoS marking is used when an administrator configures voice call signaling?

A. AF41
B. CS3
C. CS4

Answer: B

Which value should be changed when each Cisco UCM node does not allow for more than 5000 phones to be registered?

A. Maximum Number of Registered and Unregistered Devices service parameter on each node
B. Minimum Number of Phones service parameter on each node
C. Maximum Number of Registered Devices service parameter on each node
D. Maximum Number of Phones service parameter on the Publisher

Answer: C

Which certificate does the Disaster Recovery System in Cisco UCM use to encrypt its communications?

A. Cisco Tomcat
C. Cisco CallManager
D. IPsec

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configures ISDN on a voice gateway. The provider confirms that the PRI is configured with 10 channels the engineer ordered and is working from the provider side, but the engineer cannot get a B-channel to carry voice. The rest of the configuration for the serial interface and voice network is functioning correctly. Which actions must be taken to carry voice?

A. The engineer must activate the controller card on the voice gateway before configuring the device.
B. The engineer used a T1 interface but must use an E1 interface.
C. The pri-group timeslots command must be 0-9 for the 10 channels because all values on a router start with 0.
D. The engineer must manually revert the order of using the channels.

Answer: A

When designing the capacity for a Cisco UCM 12.x cluster, an engineer must decide which VMware template will be used for each node. What is the lowest number of users supported in a template and the highest number of users in a template?

A. 750 and 15.000 users
B. 750 and 10.000 users
C. 500 and 10.000 users
D. 1000 and 10.000 users

Answer: D

How are network devices monitored in a collaboration network?

A. The Cisco Discovery Protocol table is shared among devices.
B. Ping Sweep reports “unmanaged’ state devices.
C. System logs are collected in a Cisco Prime Collaboration Server.
D. Simple Network Managed Protocol is enabled on each device to poll specific values periodically.

Answer: C

A Cisco UCM administrator wants to enable the Self-Provisioning feature for end users.
Which two prerequisites must be met first? (Choose two.)

A. End users must have a secondary extension.
B. Cisco Extended Functions service must be running
C. End users must belong to Standard CCM Admin Users group, the Standard CCM End Users group, and the Standard CCM Self-Provisioning group.
D. End users must have a primary extension.
E. End users must be associated to a user profile or feature group template that includes a universal line template and universal device template.

Answer: DE

When multiple potential patterns are present, which two things are considered when Cisco UCM selects a destination pattern? (Choose two.)

A. The pattern matches the shortest explicit prefix.
B. The pattern does not match the dialed string.
C. The pattern represents the smallest number of endpoints.
D. The pattern matches the dialed string.
E. The pattern represents the largest number of endpoints.

Answer: AD

What is a description of the DiffServ model used for implementing QoS?

A. AF41 has higher drop precedence than AF42, which has higher drop precedence than AF43.
B. Voice and video calls are marked with different DSCP values and placed in different queues.
C. AF43 has higher drop precedence than AF42 but lower drop precedence than AF41.
D. RTP traffic from voice and video calls is marked EF and placed in the same queue.

Answer: A

An administrator is developing an 8-class QoS baseline model. The CS3 standards-based marking recommendation is used for which type of class?

A. Scavenger
B. best effort
C. voice
D. call signaling

Answer: D

Which DiffServe PHB preserves backward compatibility with any IP precedence scheme?

A. expedited forwarding
B. class selector
C. assured forwarding
D. default

Answer: B

What is the maximum number of servers that are in an IM and Presence presence redundancy group?

A. 10
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configured a codec preference list with 0,122 and ILBC codecs. Which change must the administrator make in the dial-peer section of the configuration to use this list?

A. add voice-codecs 20
B. add session codec 20
C. add codec preference 20
D. add voice-class codec 20

Answer: D

A collaboration engineer troubleshoots issues with a Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series. The IPv4 address of the phone is reachable via ICMP and HTTP, and the phone is registered to Cisco UCM However the engineer cannot reach the CU of the phone.
Which two actions in Cisco UCM resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. Enable SSH Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
B. Disable Web Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
C. Set a username and password under Secure Shell information in Cisco UCM
D. Enable Settings Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
E. Enable FIPS Mode under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM

Answer: AB

A company wants to provide remote user with access to its premises Cisco collaboration features. Which components are required to enable cisco mobile and remote access for the users?

A. Cisco Unified Border Element, Cisco IM and Presence Server, and Cisco Video Communication Server
B. Cisco Expressway-E Cisco Expressway-C and Cisco UCM
C. Cisco Expressway-E, Cisco IM and Presence Server, and Cisco Video Communication Server
D. Cisco Unified Border Element. Cisco UCM, and Cisco Video Communication Server

Answer: B

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