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New Question
Emerging trends in technology are impacting business outcomes with respect to optimization and innovation. Which are the big four emerging trends?

A. Cloud, Industry Issues, Consumerization, IT Appliances
B. Cloud, Mobility, Activity Based Working, Security
C. Cloud, Social Media, Software Defined Networking, Big Data
D. Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Social Media

Answer: D

New Question
What are two customer goals and objectives driven by their value proposition? (Choose two.)

A. Bring digital value to customers, suppliers, partners (ease of doing business).
B. Reduce the sales force and customer interaction.
C. Transform the customer experience.
D. Reduce Operating Expenses and increase Capital Expenditures.

Answer: AC

New Question
The customer mindset across verticals is changing as they become more aware of technology solutions and their influence on the organization. Which three options are characteristics of this customer mindset? (Choose three.)

A. Perspective towards technology services and solutions is same across industry verticals
B. Less loyal to a specific vendor due to technology as a commodity and availability of service solutions
C. Expect providers to sell products and contracts
D. Expect measurable value in terms of business outcomes
E. Have a greater understanding of the competitive market and service and solution providers

Answer: BDE

New Question
How could IT as a Service help drive business outcomes?

A. By the fast technology acquisition options for the customers.
B. Providing an organization with the right to use the technology and service without the need for purchasing it.
C. Providing an organization with various options for the types of services to deploy.
D. Depending upon what the business is seeking, each type of service has different financial implications for business outcomes.

Answer: C

New Question
Which four options are components of the Seven Elements framework? (Choose four.)

A. Commitment
B. Relationship & Distribution
C. Relationship & Communications
D. Best Alternative
E. Interests, Agenda & Normative
F. Interests, Options & Legitimacy
G. Alternatives, Opportunities & Legitimacy

Answer: ACDF

New Question
Which element is recommended to align solutions and services to the customer business?

A. key performance indicator
B. total cost of ownership
C. goals and objectives
D. critical success factor

Answer: D

New Question
Which four aspects are considered by the Business Model Canvas? (Choose four.)

A. Finances
B. Business structure
C. Sales people
D. Business development teams
E. Business value proposition
F. Strategic Analysis

Answer: ABCE

New Question
Cisco Internet of Everything connects people, processes, things, and data.
Which two of its characteristics have an impact on businesses? (Choose two.)

A. Leveraging data into more useful information for decision-making
B. Connecting people for measuring services’ usage trends
C. Delivering the solutions and products to the right person at the right time
D. Having physical devices and objects connected to the Internet and to each other for intelligent decision making

Answer: AD

New Question
Which two options are financial considerations related to determining business outcomes? (Choose two.)

A. Capital Expenditures, Operating Expenses.
B. Internal Return Rate, Discount Rate.
C. Payback, Chargeback.
D. Capital Expenditures, Working Capital.
E. Chargeback, Show back.

Answer: AE

New Question
Which two activities require strong facilitation skills for gathering qualitative data? (Choose two.)

A. workshop
B. focus group
C. survey
D. naire
E. interview

Answer: AB

New Question
When selling business outcomes, which two key points/ factors related to understanding actual achievement of goals must be considered? (Choose two.)

A. specific timeframe and periods
B. communicational procedures
C. metrics and calculation procedures
D. project management milestones

Answer: AC


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