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Which of the following are examples of possession authentication? (Choose three.)

A. Key fob
B. RFID badge
C. Passphrase
E. Passwords
F. Smartphone
G. Fingerprint reader

Answer: ABF

A technician installs Windows 7 on a 4TB hard drive. Which of the following should the technician choose when initializing the drive for the machine to access all the disk space?

B. FAT32
D. exFAT

Answer: B

An employee installed a new application on a shared Windows 10 PC. The next day, it becomes the employee who installed the application is the only one who has access to the application. Which of the following types of user accounts does the employee MOST likely have?

A. Administrator
B. Guest
C. Super user
D. Standard user
E. Limited user

Answer: A

A technician has been tasked with remotely imaging a computer tab. The imaging process is failing because there is no response from the computers over the network. Which of the following should the technician perform to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Configure remote desktop connection
B. Configure BIOS to enable Wake-on-LAN
C. Configure BIOS to enable SSH
D. Configure automatic updates
E. Configure startup applications
F. Configure BIOS to enable PXE boot

Answer: AB

A technician is attempting to troubleshoot a Linux home folder issue, but does not remember which directory is current. Which of the following tools should the technician use to find the current directory?

A. dir
B. sudo
C. cd
D. pwd

Answer: D

A technician needs to upgrade 20 PCs that have the same hardware specifications. The PCs must be configured with identical settings tailored for the network. Which of the following provides the BEST solution with the LEAST administrative effort?

A. PC backup and multiboot setup
B. PC backup and system image deployment
C. PC backup and OS upgrade
D. PC backup and clean install

Answer: B

A client has requested a workspace environment configuration that will allow employees to work in a virtual space for specific projects, but when working on other projects, allow them to work locally. Which of the following is the BEST solution for this virtual configuration?

A. Multiheaded client
B. Thin client
C. Zero client
D. Thick client

Answer: A

A technician was told that 50 new computers were delivered. The company’s standard Windows image needs to be installed on all of them. Which of the following would be the MOST efficient way to get the image on all 50 computers?

A. Multiboot installation
B. Repair installation
C. Unattended installation
D. Clean installation

Answer: C

A company wants to leverage a cloud infrastructure that allows it to keep confidential information away from other companies outside its industry while allowing data to be shared with other companies in the same field. Which of the following is the BEST option to accomplish this task?

A. Public
B. Hybrid
C. Community
D. Private

Answer: B

A domain administrator has applied a Group Policy that restricts the installation of USB devices. The technician has asked the domain administrator to exempt this policy for a computer that needs to have a USB digital camera installed. Once the domain administrator has exempted the computer from the policy, which of the following is the BEST command for the technician to run locally on the computer so the digital camera can be installed without waiting?

A. grupdate /?
B. grupdate /bootings
C. grupdate /force
D. grupdate /logoff
E. grupdate /sync

Answer: E

A user reports that a cell phone application is loading slowly and not functioning properly. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this issue?

A. Remove and reinstall the application
B. Hard reset the cell phone
C. Reconnect the wireless network connection
D. Close all running applications

Answer: B


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