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The Cisco CCIE® Security Written Exam (350-018) version 4.0 is a 2-hour test with 90–110 questions. This exam tests the skills and competencies of security professionals in terms of describing, implementing, deploying, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Cisco network security solutions and products, as well as current industry best practices and internetworking fundamentals.
Topics include networking fundamentals and security-related concepts and best practices, as well as Cisco network security products and solutions in areas such as VPNs, intrusion prevention, firewalls, identity services, policy management, and device hardening. Content includes both IPv4 and IPv6 concepts and solutions.

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Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given ACL Policy?

A.    The policy will deny all ipv6 eBGP session
B.    The policy will deny all ipv6 routed packets
C.    The policy will disable ipv6 source routing
D.    The policy will deny all ipv6 routing packet

Answer: C

What are three scanning engine that the Cisco IronPort dynamic vectoring and streaming engine can use to protect against malware? (Choose three)

A.    McAfee
B.    F-Secure
C.    TrendMicro
D.    Symantec
E.    Webroot
F.    Sophos

Answer: AEF

Which three statements about VRF aware Cisco Firewall are true? (Choose three)

A.    It enables service providers to implement firewall on PE devices
B.    It can run as more than one instance
C.    It’s can support VPN network with overlapping address range without NAT
D.    It can generate syslog message that are visible only to individual VPN
E.    Its support both global and per-VRF commands and DOS parameter
F.    It enables service

Answer: ABD

Which two statements about router advertisement message are true? (Choose two)

A.    Message are sent to the multicast address FF02::1
B.    Local link prefixes are shared automatically
C.    Flag settings are shared in the message and retransmitted on the link
D.    Router solicitation message are sent in response to Router Advertisement message
E.    It support a configurable number of retransmission attempt for neighbor solicitation message
F.    Each prefix included in the advertisement carrier’s lifetime information for that prefix

Answer: BC

What are three benefits of Cisco IOS FlexVPN? (Choose three)

A.    Its provide hierarchical QoS on a per-tunnel basis
B.    It is compatible with most private intranet deployments
C.    Its support TACACS+
D.    It is compatible with IKEv2-based third-party VPN solutions
E.    It provides centralized policy control
F.    It support DMVPN deployment

Answer: ADE

What is an example of a WEP cracking attack?

A.    Reflected XSS attack
B.    Dictionary travelers attack
C.    SQL injection attack

Answer: B

From what type of server can you to transfer files to ASA’s internal memory

A.    SSH
B.    Netlogon
C.    SFTP
D.    SMB

Answer: D

What are three of the components of the Cisco PCI solution framework (choose three)

A.    Infrastructure
B.    Risk Assessment
C.    Virtualization
D.    Endpoint
E.    Disaster management
F.    Services

Answer: ADF

Which ASA device is designated as the cluster master?

A.    the ASA with the highest MAC address
B.    the ASA with the lowest MAC address
C.    the ASA configured with the highest priority value
D.    the ASA configures with lowest priority value

Answer: D

Refer the exhibit if R1 is acting as a DHCP server, what action can you take to enable the PC to receive an IP address assignment from the DHCP server?

A.    Configure the ip helper-address command on R2 to use R1’s IP address
B.    Configure the ip helper-address command on R1 to use R2’s ip address
C.    Configure DHCP option 150 on R2
D.    configure the ip local pool command on R2
E.    Configure the ip loca pool command on R1
F.    Configure DHCP option 82 on R1

Answer: A

What are the features of Cisco IOS that can help mitigate Blaster worm attack on RPC ports? (Choose two)

A.    DCAR
B.    dynamic ARP inspection
C.    FPM
D.    IP Source Guard
F.    URPF

Answer: CF

What port has IANA assigned to the GDOI protocol?

A.    UDP 1812
B.    UDP 500
C.    UDP 848
D.    UDP 4500

Answer: C

Which two statements about DHCP snooping are true? (Choose two)

A.    The lease time in the banding database is a pre-set value
B.    The binding database stores information about both IP and MAC addresses.
C.    Message sent from outside the service-provider network is untrusted
D.    The binding database stores information about trusted interface
E.    DHCP servers connect to untrusted interface on the switch

Answer: AB

What is the maximum pattern length support by FPM search within a packet?

A.    128 bytes
B.    256 bytes
C.    512 bytes
D.    1500 bytes

Answer: B

What are three IPv6 extension headers? (Choose three)

A.    Authentication
B.    Destination options
C.    Source options
D.    Hop-by-hop options
E.    TTL
F.    Segment

Answer: ABD

Which statement about the Cisco AnyConnect web Security module is true?

A.    It is VPN client software that works over the SSL protocol
B.    It is deployment on endpoints to route HTTP traffic to ScanSafe
C.    It is an endpoint component that is used with smart tunnels in a clientless SSL VPN
D.    It operates as an NAC Agent when it is configured with AnyConnect VPN client

Answer: B

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam.
1. Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications, and Network Security  20%
2. Security Protocols  15%
3. Application and Infrastructure Security  10%
4. Threats, Vulnerability Analysis, and Mitigation  10%
5. Cisco Security Products, Features, and Management  20%
6. Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions  17%
7. Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices, and Standards  8%

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