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Company ABC grew organically and now their single-area OSPF network has an unacceptably slow convergence time after a topology change. To address the slow convergence time, they want to introduce a multiarea OSPF design and implement address summarization at the area border routers, which option should be their main concern about this redesign?

A. Routing is suboptimal
B. SPF calculation takes longer
C. Operations complexity is increased
D. More memory is needed across the routers on the network

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Transit traffic in this large enterprise campus network passes the eBGP core. Per security policy, traffic coming from AS 65444 destined for AS 65466 and vice-versa must pass through AS 65400. An audit discovers that traffic between 65444 and 65466 did not pass through 65400, instead it is communicating directly.
How must you design BGP to ensure that the traffic from AS 65444 destined for AS 65466 passes through AS65400 on this broadcast network?

A. Apply an ACL on AS 65466 to drop the direct traffic between AS 65444 and AS 65466
B. Apply AS-path prepending on AS 65466 and AS 65444
C. Apply next-hop self on both BGP neighbors on AS 65400
D. Apply the MED attribute on the BGP session for AS 65444

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which routing solution is the most scalable to connect the branches to the HQ and to connect the branches together over the internet using DMVPN?

B. EIGRP with the branch routers setup as stubs
C. OSPF with each branch router as an ABR
D. IS-IS L2 in all locations
E. OSPF Area 0 in all locations

Answer: B

Which OSPF design consideration, with regards to simplicity and address preservation, must be considered when connecting two Layer 3 switches directly using 10 GBASE-T cabling and formatting an OSPF neighbor adjacency?

A. Mesh groups must be included in the design
B. The OSPF Hello and Dead timers must be tuned to detect failures as quickly as possible
C. The OSPF network type must be set to point-to-multipoint
D. An OSPF neighbor adjacency formed over loopback interfaces must be placed in Area 0
E. The OSPF network type must be set to point-to-point

Answer: E

Your customer recently acquired a company with a national WAN of 750 locations consisting of MPLS VPN-based sales, Internet-based sites and sites with direct links to regional hub sites. The existing network has MPLS VPN-based sites. Which solution ensure security and encryption across all sites to meet an audit requirement?

A. Implement a hierarchical DMVPN-based hub-and-spoke network with IPsec encryption
B. Migrate newly acquired sites to the MPLS VPN-based service of the parent company
C. Implement a GETVPN-based solution across all sites with selective traffic encryption
D. Implement a GETVPN-based solution across all sites with redundant key servers

Answer: A

A network is designed to use OSPF to reach eBGP peers. For eBGP peers to stay stable in case of a link failure, what condition should be avoided?

A. Advertise IP addresses used on eBGP statements via a normal OSPF area
B. Use an ACL to block BGP in one direction
C. Disable BGP synchronization
D. Advertise IP addresses used on eBGP peer statements via eBGP

Answer: D

Which two options are Loop-Free Alternate design considerations? (Choose two)

A. MPLS TE must be enabled because it is used for building the backup paths
B. Backup coverage and effectiveness is dependent on the network topology
C. It can simplify the capacity planning by matching the backup path with the post-convergence path
D. It provides an optional backup path by avoiding low bandwidth and edge links
E. It can impact SLA-sensitive appliance by routing traffic to low bandwidth links while IGP convergence is in progress

Answer: BE

Which three processes are part of the ITILv3 Service Operation? (Choose three)

A. Release and deployment management
B. Problem management
C. Incident management
D. Event management
E. Service-level management
F. Change management

Answer: BCD

You must make IGP redesign recommendations for a client that has old equipment, with low CPU power and memory, that they do not have budget replace. They are very concerned about CPU load on routers. They are using IS-IS as the IGP in a single l1 area and all routers are connected to each other with point-to-point links. Which method do you recommend to reduce or limit CPU overhead caused by IS-IS?

A. Use mesh groups to limit flooding of LSAs
B. Implement wide style metrics for IS-IS on all routers
C. Select a router to act as a pseudowire to limit topology synchronization
D. Divide the router into multiple areas and implement address summarization

Answer: A

You are hired to assist an enterprise customer to design their global WAN network. A protected DWDM circuit with disjoint fiber routes and guaranteed restoration times is ordered to connect two hub sites. Which option is a BFD design consideration in relation to protected DWDM?

A. BFD failure detection must be faster than DWDM restoration time
B. The BFD hello timer must match the DWDM circuit restoration time
C. BFD failure detection must be longer than DWDM restoration time
D. BFD cannot be used with protected DWDM

Answer: C

An enterprise customer A with provider-independent address space is dual-homed to two ISP. Which two options , when combined, allow for customer A to efficiently achieve out-bond traffic load- balancing? ( Choose two)

A. Advertise Customer A subnets with a shorter AS path prepend to one of the ISPs than to the other
B. Advertise Customer A subnets with different MED values to the two ISPs
C. Accept a default route from both ISPs
D. Make the CE connected to both ISPs route reflector
E. Accept the routes originated on both ISPs and their direct peers

Answer: CE


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